Hello! My name is Andrea J Kelsey, and I invite you to call me Andi. I live and love in Los Angeles, California.

I am a digital designer, media creator, expert communicator, and enthusiastic collaborator… somewhat of a jill of all trades. I enjoy experimenting, learning, and turning ideas into reality. Through web, graphic, and video design, I specialize in discovering beautiful methods of communication.

In my research and projects, I attempt to explore phenomenology, intersubjectivity, memory, and synesthesia. How does the individual’s sum of experience become a unique framework with which to relate to the world, and how do these relations differ between individuals? Is language a barrier to a deeper understanding of the world and how do we communicate personal experiences which are traditionally beyond expression?

Through video, still images, sound, and olfaction, I am attempting to explore these questions and experience truth, however ephemeral it may be.

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